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Best Outdoor Workouts for Shedding Pounds This Spring

Best Outdoor Workouts for springSpring is here and that means that finally a little warmth and sunshine is coming our way! That’s such great news for all of us who want to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. If you happen to be somebody who is focused on fitness, the warmer weather can offer a whole new category of wonderful workouts. If you’re looking for a change and you want to enjoy the spring weather, then you want to enjoy some of the best outdoor workouts. You don’t need much in the way of equipment, and you get the benefit of fresh air, sunshine, and a great way of getting fit!

Though you may not think of the great outdoors as the best place to get fit, it really can be. If you’re a slave to the gym, this can offer a welcome change. Even if you just need a little variety in your workout routine, this can be just what you’ve been looking for. It’s all about combining your favorite activities with the great outdoors, and that’s a winning combination. You can even take the most fundamental exercises such as lifting weights, and do it outdoors for a fun and unique twist. So if you want to keep your body guessing or just stay motivated with your workout routine, moving things outdoors can really help tremendously!

Some of the best outdoor workouts are about taking advantage of some amazing scenery around you and getting a little sunshine. It need not be that elaborate and all you need is the resistance of your own body. Get creative and think of innovative ways to make this a fun way of exercising that doesn’t seem quite so hard. Enjoy this new twist on working out!

Running or Walking On a Track: If you have an outdoor track nearby at a school then you have your new outdoor gym all set up for you. In this instance all you need to do is allot some time throughout the day to head out and then have a goal in mind. You can start with walking and build your way up to running, or you can even come up with some sort of combination of the two. Either way this is a great way of getting fit outside. You may even find that this serves as a springboard for walks or runs throughout town, and you’ll feel motivated to keep it going strong.

Hiking On a Trail: It doesn’t have to be based on a specific workout to get results, and this is proof of that. If you have access to a trail nearby then you have one of the best best outdoor workouts possible. You can enjoy hiking in the great outdoors, and you won’t even feel like you’re working out. You get to see nature and as you are climbing from higher ground to lower ground, you are helping to tone while you also get in your cardio from the hiking.

Biking: Who doesn’t love a great bike ride? These aren’t just for kids, for biking can be a great way of getting fit outside. All you need is a bike and you can ride from Point A to Point B with style and fitness in mind. You can create your own routes or use some that are pre-established. Either way you will love how you feel after a great bike ride outside—perfect to get the heart pumping and your “feel good hormones” working!

Outdoor Bootcamp Style Class: We all know that a bootcamp type of class can really work well for a combination of cardio and strength training. When you can take that bootcamp class outside, then you have yourself one of the very best outdoor workouts. There are some wonderful options and some are even first thing in the morning so you start your day off right. You will feel challenged but also empowered, and doing it outside makes for the perfect element to breathe new life into your routine!