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The Real Paleo Diet Revealed

real Paleo diet informationIt seems that there’s a new trend or eating plan out there almost every single week. You’re told to eat this one week and then avoid it the next—and it’s enough to make your head spin! If you find yourself at the center of this and wondering exactly what you should be eating, then it may be time to get back to basics. There’s a reason that people are getting back to clean eating; it works and it’s the way that you were meant to eat in the first place. Though there are plenty of variations to it, the real Paleo diet is a really great way of eating for fuel first and foremost.

This is not a diet that is about deprivation, and really it’s not even focused on weight loss either. This is a diet that is about healthier eating and true “clean eating” at the core. You aren’t eating processed or diet foods. You aren’t eating out of convenience, but rather taking the time to prepare meals that are loaded with wholesome and nutritious ingredients. Yes, it requires some meal preparation but it’s a worthwhile investment in the end. Though you may not necessarily understand the basics here, it’s easy enough to grasp and make your new norm.

Do keep in mind that the real Paleo diet requires effort and dedication, and it will be a transition like anything else. You will love how energized you feel and be amazed at how much healthier you are just by taking out the processed foods. This is a great way to protect your health, and you may very well lose weight in the right way. Here we look at what makes up this eating plan and why it works so well.

The right type of lean proteins: It’s not just about eating any type of protein, for the type of protein that you eat matters. These are lean proteins and they are not full of preservatives or even sodium. So it’s not lunch meat or sausage or bacon, for those are processed and not good for you. This is about lean proteins like chicken, turkey, fish, beef, and pork. It’s also about non-meat types of protein like beans, eggs, and tofu too. Keep that in mind and be sure your foundation is based on healthy and wholesome protein.

No dairy or whole grains: This may be one of the hardest parts and therefore the biggest transition with the real Paleo diet. You are not eating any dairy nor are you enjoying any whole grains at all. You may enjoy some beans and legumes in a limited amount, but that’s it. No bread, no pasta, no rice, and no dairy products at all. This is what true clean eating is about, and you will feel better for it—but it just might take you some time to get there!

Loads of fruits and vegetables: This is one of the founding principles of clean eating. You are going to be eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, so embrace them at every meal. They are full of nutrients, low in calories and nearly fat free. They are also whole and from the earth, and so they give you everything that you need. They are great additions at every meal, and in the end may become the star of the meal at times too.

Good fats are key: You can and should enjoy good fats in this meal plan. That includes fish like tuna and salmon, olive oil, flaxseeds, avocado, and nuts like almonds and walnuts. You do need some fat, but you need to focus on the right type and that’s what these are.

Eating whole foods that are truly nutritious and as natural as possible: When you break it down, the real Paleo diet is really about changing the way that you eat and even view food. You are eating whole foods that offer you nutrients, and so you are preparing your meals ahead of time. You aren’t eating for convenience, but rather eating for fuel. You will feel so much healthier by making this switch and it will become your new way of life, and that’s what the right foods should do for you in the end!