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Can the Brain Tell the Body to Burn More Fat?

Burn More Fat with the brainThey say that anything can be accomplished when you master the nuances of mind over matter. Well, it just so happens that recent scientific discoveries have confirmed his, at least when it comes to the body being able to burn more fat. That’s right, it seems as though we can actually think our way to a thin and fit physique if we know what we are doing. It all comes down to our unique brain chemistry, our hormonal balances, and our ability to manipulate all of that to our greatest benefit.

How Hormones Play a Starring Role in Weight Loss

There exist natural hormones in every person’s body, and up until recently, they were pretty much disregarded in terms of weight loss. Now, however, scientists have discovered how two of these hormones are connected to the brain’s ability to foster the appropriate mechanisms to help the body burn more fat. These hormones, leptin and insulin, are responsible for things like appetite control and glucose levels in the blood. By controlling a strict combination of these two hormones, the brain can actually tell the body to burn off a much more significant amount of weight than it could with these hormones imbalanced.

What the Brain Does When It Is Inundated with Excess Fat

It is important for you to understand what happens to the brain when you begin to gain too much weight. You see, your brain and body both want to burn more fat than they consume, but your irresponsible or unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits are most likely making that an impossible task. Adults typically store white fat, comprised of adipocytes, throughout their bodies as a result of this, but it is possible to rethink the way you live and eat and drastically change what your systems do with excess fat in the body. The secret is found in activating specific hormones whose functions are controlled within the brain.

Simplifying the Nervous System and Weight Loss Connection

To put things as simply as possible, the two hormones, known as leptin and insulin, work in tandem with one another to stimulate specific parts of the brain that are responsible for the body’s ability to burn more fat. By regulating or manipulating these hormones, it is possible for someone to see significantly improved weight loss over time. However, a doctor’s attention is highly recommended before you even think about tampering with your own hormonal balances.