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Best Caffeinated Beverages for Dieters

Best Caffeinated Beverages for Dieters

You might think that if you are trying to lose weight that there are no good caffeinated beverages for dieters, but that’s simply not true. In fact, in some cases, that’s the opposite of the truth as there are some drinks containing caffeine that may actually benefit your weight loss according to some recent research

Yes, There Are Caffeinated Beverages for Dieters!

Many people assume that they need to deprive themselves of the things that they like in order to lose weight. In some instances there are some changes that need to be made. You will need to cut out huge portions of fatty foods or overeating processed foods that offer no nutritional value whatsoever. At first, that may feel like a substantial shift, until you find your groove with a healthier and yet equally satisfying eating strategy.

The main mistake that many people make while trying to reshape their eating strategy is in thinking that there are no caffeinated beverages for dieters.  They give up their beloved morning coffee or afternoon tea.  This can shake up some core habits that may lead to a feeling of unpleasant deprivation. No one wants that! It can even be enough to make people give up on their diet altogether.

Don’t Give Up Your Beloved Favorite Hot Beverages!

When it comes to the right caffeine fix however, there are some drinks that can be just fine and may even help you. Though you may need to get used to enjoying these, they can give you that lift that you want without the harmful side effects.

So let’s start by recognizing which caffeinated beverages for dieters may actually help you. One of the best drinks within this category by far is green tea. If you can develop a taste for 2-3 cups of green tea each day, it may actually benefit your ability to lose weight. At the heart of green tea is something called a thermogenic effect, and this is very important. This can help to speed up the metabolism and ultimately burn fat. So making green tea a substitute for that harmful diet soda or to fill in for that extra cup of coffee can be well worth the switch.

Swap In The Helpful Types of Drinks and Swap Out the Wrong Ones

If you need a cold drink but want to keep with the best caffeinated beverages for dieters then you will be quite happy to know that focusing on iced tea can help. Sure iced green tea can help here too, but even just a glass of regular iced tea is just fine. Load it up with some nice lemon slices and really enjoy the taste of it.

Sweeteners are the true problem with these iced drinks, so avoiding sweetened iced tea can make all the difference to sticking with your diet.  That said, if you really need something sweet when choosing caffeinated beverages for dieters, look for options sweetened with stevia or natural erythritol instead of sugar, honey or artificial sweeteners.  Use as little as possible.  You may even find that you can wean yourself off until you find unsweetened just as enjoyable!

Drink Your Coffee!

You will be happy to know that you can enjoy some coffee when you are trying to lose weight. It’s all about doing everything in moderation, so in this instance just be sure that you keep it to a reasonable number of cups of coffee each day.

Recent studies have shown that caffeinated coffee may also help to temporarily raise your body’s natural thermogenesis in areas of brown fat.  This suggests that it may help to increase your body’s natural white fat burning, particularly if combined with a healthy diet and regularly active lifestyle. It won’t cause weight loss on its own, but it may provide meaningful support to those other healthy efforts you’re making on your own behalf.

When it comes to the best caffeinated beverages for dieters it’s all about approaching these in the right way. If you were to prepare a cup of hot cocoa for example made from real cocoa with very little sugar (or that uses stevea or erythritol), that would be just fine. You want to get the benefit that the lift of caffeine will offer you without risking all the additional calories and empty carbs from sugars. So focus on these beverages, swap out the wrong types for these that can help you, and you will be helping your weight loss efforts sip by sip—and that’s great value per beverage!