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Calories in Halloween Candy Favorites

Calories in Halloween Candy favoritesHalloween season means the temptation to indulge in yummy candies surrounds you just about everywhere you go. But what are the calories in Halloween candy favorites that you love to eat, and how badly are you throwing your diet off track by eating these treats? Keep reading to learn more so can make sound decisions all month long.

Fans of Chocolate
If you love chocolate, you are probably looking forward to all of those yummy chocolate bars that you can find in stores easily this season. But the calories in Halloween candy bars can be more than you anticipated, even though these snacks are so small.

For example, Snickers has about 72 calories, while Reese’s has 110 calories, Take5 has 105 calories, and KitKat has 73 calories. If you can’t keep your fingers off of a Butterfinger, you will end up eating around 100 calories, and if you like Almond Joy, you will consume 80 calories. A few more examples of the high calorie counts in Halloween treats include Baby Ruth bars, which contain 85 calories, Twix and MilkyWay, both of which have 80 calories, and Hershey’s, which has 70 calories.

Sugary Sweet Candies
When it comes to the calories in Halloween candy, you can’t ignore other sweet and sugary favorites. If you like Tootsie Roll Pops or Skittles, you will end up consuming 60 calories, while Twizzlers have a whopping 130 calories. M&M’s have 90 calories, and Laffy Taffy has 35 calories. Swedish Fish have 50 calories, as do Mike and Ike snacks. Better options would be SweeTarts, which only have 10 calories, and Jelly Belly, which have 35 calories.

Lower Calorie Options
As you can see, different Halloween treats will have different calorie amounts, so you can certainly indulge and satisfy your sweet tooth at this time of year without overdoing it. Stick with treats like York, which has 47 calories, Hershey’s Kisses, which have 22 calories, Milk Duds, which have 50 calories, Tootsie Rolls, which have 23.3 calories, and Brach’s, which have 53 calories.

These are just a few of the more popular Halloween treats that will be handed out to your kids, and that you will easily be able to find in stores this season. If you can keep your snacking in check, and if you stick with a weight loss and maintenance plan that includes products like FenFast 375, you won’t need to worry too much about taking in a few extra calories.