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It’s Fall Ya’ll: 3 Ways to Bring Your Workouts Outdoors

take your fall workouts outdoors

Fall is here and as the ultra-hot weather is fading away to make it much nicer to head outdoors when you want to get some exercise. Take advantage of this great weather to enjoy the fresh air and sunlight before it gets too cold to want to be out there for long.

It’s all well and good to go to the gym, but when you can take your workouts outside, it’s a lot of fun to do so. It can come with many benefits, too.

Top Activities to Choose for Fall Workouts Outdoors

Ready to go outdoors for your next workout? Here are 3 great ways to bring your fitness outside while the fall weather is treating us well:

1. Walking 

Yes, it sounds simple, but it doesn’t take any equipment other than a good pair of shoes and pretty much anyone can do it. Before you tell yourself it’s too easy or won’t give you the results you want, think again. A great brisk walk for a half hour will plow through calories and fats and will definitely get your heart going. The key is not to stroll. Pick up the pace!

You want to make sure you’re walking briskly enough that by the end of it, you’re not able to speak comfortably. Your breathing and heart rate should be too high for that. Walking will give you the chance to see your neighbors, get to know all the little streets in your neighborhood and check out what’s going on in your area. When you walk on a regular basis, you’ll be surprised at how your perspective changes about the place you call home.

2. Hiking 

If you want a more “natural” experience, head off the sidewalks and onto the trails for a hike through some hills, trees or other natural terrain. If you can find a place that will allow you to walk near water, such as on the shore of a lake or an ocean, or even along the edge of a river, all the better.

Studies have shown that hiking in nature – particularly when there’s water nearby – has measurable benefits on both our mental and physical health. Breathe the air and step away from civilization for a little while. It will do you more good than you realize.

3. Yoga 

Take your mat and head outside. You can do yoga virtually anywhere. Your front porch, your balcony, your backyard or even a nearby park. You can choose to do your routine on your own or sign up for an outdoor class being held not far from where you live or work. Doing yoga outside takes the benefits and enjoyment to a whole new level.

Finding Your Motivation for Fall Workouts Outdoors

Naturally, one of the biggest challenges year-round is being able to find your motivation.  Fortunately, fall workouts outdoors come with their own amazing motivational components as long as you keep them in mind.  When you know what they are, you can use them to your advantage so you can choose one of the workouts listed above and head on outside.

The following are some of the best motivations that come naturally to getting out for fall workouts outdoors.

1 – Fresh Air at a Temperature You Can Stand

When you try to exercise outside in the summer, you need to battle with extreme heat and humidity while you risk heat exhaustion.  When you head out in the wintertime, you need to face bitter cold and wind, slippery sidewalks and you need to spend a lot of time putting on layer after layer of warm gear.  In the fall, a light jacket or a puffy vest  is all you need, and you can breathe the fresh air and enjoy a workout at a comfortable temperature.  For many people, it is the best time of year to spend outside while exercising.

2 – Changing Leaves to See (and Smell and Kick!)

The fall is an absolutely beautiful time for exercise outside.  Fall workouts outdoors provide you with a new version of Mother Nature’s artwork every day.  At first, all the leaves are primarily green.  With each passing day, there are more vibrant yellows, electric oranges and unparalleled reds.  Soon, those leaves begin to drift to the ground, providing the air with that distinct, crisp smell and the chance to kick crunchy leaves down the sidewalk or across the grass.  It’s an experience available only at this time of year and is guaranteed to make you feel like a kid again, as long as you get up and get out to see it!

3 – You Can Turn Workouts Into Mini-Vacations!

Your walks, yoga sessions and hikes don’t need to be in the same places every day.  Certainly, it can be fun to spend time in the changing colors in your neighborhood, but this season also brings the chance to take a few little trips for a few hours, a day or a weekend at a time.  Find yourself out of the city in a woodland of changing colors where you can hike along a wooded trail instead of a city park.  Do some yoga at the end of a dock after the boats have left the water and all you can see is cooling water and changing trees in every direction. Walk out through the pumpkin patch with your kids to choose the one that will make the perfect Jack-O-Lantern.