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Easy Food Swaps for Your 2018 Resolution to Eat Better

easy food swaps to eat healthierIf your New Year’s resolution for 2018 is to eat better, then the best start you can give yourself is to start swapping out some unhealthy foods for some healthier ones. You may have the intention to completely overhaul your diet, but Rome wasn’t built in a day, as they say. Instead, it can be far more effective to take small steps and continually build toward your goal.

Doing things gradually means that you can adapt to them and build habits that you will be able to keep over the long term. For most people, that is much more likely to be a successful strategy than attempting to overhaul everything you eat and then force that into your existing lifestyle. The odds are against your success with that type of dramatic change as it places you at an increased risk of becoming overwhelmed and giving up.

Use the following easy food swaps to help you to get on track and steadily improve your diet in achievable ways.

Soup – Instead of choosing a cream soup such as a chowder, cream of mushroom or another one of those thick winter favorites, select a bowl of chicken veggie soup. You’ll slash your calorie intake by more than half and will still be able to enjoy a warm cup of goodness.

Swap turf for surf – If you typically eat beef on a regular basis, swap one of them out for fish. You can not only save on calories, but you can give your body a very healthy boost in omega fatty acids such as omega 3. These are exceptionally important for brain and nerve health as well as eye, hair, skin and other types of individual wellness throughout your body. Some studies also show that omega 3 can help to promote better weight management.

Sandwich – If you’re taking a sandwich to work with you for lunch – or buying a sub on the go – you might be tempted to select a meatball sandwich from among your choices. Instead, select turkey breast or a mixed veggie sandwich and you’ll eat half as many calories and take your fat intake down a solid notch while you’re at it.

Salad dressing – Here, there are many things you can do to make sure you’re still enjoying your salad, without sacrificing your weight or health. For instance, skip the creamy salad dressings in favor of vinaigrette. Next, instead of pouring it onto your salad, pour it into a spray bottle and spritz it over your salad. You’re more likely to get an even coating to more of your veggies and you’ll only add as much as you absolutely need. This may not seem like much, but you can reduce your calorie intake substantially.