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How to Eat More and Lose Weight Doing It

how to eat more and lose weightRead nearly any book or online article about dieting and you’ll likely be advised to eat a smaller amount if you want to shed the excess weight. However, a growing body of research is indicating that the opposite may be true. It might be more effective to eat more and lose weight, provided you do it properly.

The issue behind the entire concept is that the human body isn’t as simple as the “energy in, energy out” concept we hear about so often. If that were the case, it would be possible to simply starve ourselves by eating nothing and we’d lose the weight in no time.

However, the body doesn’t function on such a linear design. It is for this reason that it’s possible to eat more and lose weight in a very effective way.

Eating too little causes you to risk slowing down your metabolism – which not only slows weight loss but it risks weight gain once regular eating returns. It also causes the body to burn through both muscle and fat. It can boost stress and cortisol levels, making you even more hungry than usual. Furthermore, it may also make you irritable and unhappy. Therefore, by eating too little, you’re essentially programming your body to work against your weight loss efforts.

Therefore, by choosing to eat more and lose weight in a healthful way, you have the potential for far greater results. If this is your goal, consider the following tips to get you started on the right foot:

Begin your day with a large breakfast with whole grains, fruit and nuts or a poached egg or two.

Don’t allow three hours to go by without eating. Snack time between meals should be valued. Just be sure to choose healthful options such as a large bowl of raw veggies, some fruit, or even some whole grain crackers with almond or natural peanut butter (where the ingredient is only peanuts. Otherwise, you’re eating mostly sugar).

Eat a good sized lunch that includes a decent portion of protein as well as lots of veggies.

Make your dinner the smallest meal of the day without making it too small. Half your plate should be veggies, one quarter should be whole grains and one quarter should be proteins.

If you get hungry before bedtime, don’t go to bed hungry. You’ll just be miserable and ruin your sleep. Eat a light snack such as cucumber or celery, which are both sleep promoting. You can also choose something made from lean protein or whole grains. Just be sure not to overdo it. Going to bed on a full stomach can cause acid reflux and can lead to a restless sleep.

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