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Can Men Get Rid of a Beer Belly?

how to get rid of beer belly

So, can men get rid of a beer belly? This is a common question asked by men and by women who are frankly a little tired of seeing the bellies on their men. It is not only unsightly but also very unhealthy. There is a link between heart disease and fat around the belly.

Beer Belly Keeps Fat Near the Heart

People perceive the heart as being somewhere high and left in the chest. However, the organ’s actual location is right in the middle of the sternum in the center of the chest. It is imperative that you keep your weight in fat away from that area because it will collect there and could surround, clog, and possibly enlarge the heart. This is a serious thing, and don’t think that because you are drinking alcohol that you are “thinning” anything out.

Now, what can you do to get rid of a beer belly? First, just in case you are unconvinced of the reasons to get rid of a beer belly, here is something that may put some fire in the furnace: having all of that pudge near your private parts has been directly linked to erectile dysfunction, as well as being a major contributor to diabetes and heart disease as we said above. Therefore, if your overall health is not enough to convince you that a beer belly will negatively affect your life, then consider the fact that it will also negatively impact your sex life and your fertility.

What to Do to Get Rid of a Beer Belly

If your beer belly is a result of actual beer drinking, then that is a good place to start to tackle your current body shape. Did you know that the body will use the alcohol as energy and then just store your available fat? This is because alcohol is a toxin, and your body looks at it as such. It will fight to be rid of it and burn it off—but not the fat. The fat gets stored for further use later, which is not good at all.

The first thing you need to know is that you need to lose the booze. If you’re not going to eliminate it altogether, then it’s at least time to cut back substantially.  That will slash calories, carbs and toxins from entering your body so you won’t hold yourself back as you were.

What Else Can You Do?

  • Eat enough food each day: Make sure you don’t throw your body into starvation mode. Make sure you are eating enough good whole-food each day to keep blood glucose where it should be. When you eat too little or when you let your blood sugar spike and plummet, you’ll face unnecessary struggles. This is where you also find cravings.
  • Improve your nutrient density: Have a look at the foods you’re eating. Instead of just trying to eat less, focus on eating better.  One of the best ways to get rid of a beer belly is to improve your nutrition. Get more out of each calorie.  If you’re eating a higher calorie food, just make sure it’s packed with fiber, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients your body needs. Those foods are usually better for you and fill you up so you’ll feel less likely to overeat throughout the day due to genuine hunger.
  • Get the sleep you need: Sleep plays many different roles in your body. Giving you energy for the next day is the most obvious role – and it’s a very important one – but it is only the start. The energy will be important to you as it will stop you from having to reach for more food to get you through the day. That said, it will also help to control certain hormones that play a critical role in your hunger levels and craving levels for sweets as well as salty and fatty foods.
  • Keep cortisol at bay: Cortisol is a great contributor to keeping belly fat in place. It is what keeps belly fat around the waistline because it is released in the brain during moments of stress to the body. If you are drinking due to stress, then get help because this is a dangerous, never-ending cycle.
  • Get moving: You don’t necessarily need to join a gym. You don’t even need to hire a personal trainer.  You just need a good, comfortable and supportive pair of shoes so you can get walking.  If walking isn’t your thing, then you can try swimming, doing yoga, riding a bike, or taking part in other activity that will get your blood flowing.  This will help to give you energy during the day, boost the quality of your sleep at night and burn more calories overall.