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Health Foods Trends We Can Really Get Into

Health Foods Trends to keep When it comes to some health food trends, it is better to simply ignore and avoid them. But other trends should definitely be embraced because they offer a variety of benefits not only to those who are trying to lose weight, but also to those who are trying to get healthier and stay in shape.

So which health food trends can we really get into? Keep reading to learn all about them.

The Vegan Movement

On a recent episode of The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz stated that he believes veganism will be the biggest movement of 2017. And he is probably right. The number of vegans around the world has grown dramatically over the last few years, as evidenced by the many new vegan brands and products that are available everywhere you go. But veganism isn’t just a temporary trend, as a diet rich in plant nutrients can help prevent a variety of diseases while also helping you slim down more easily.

The Bean Pasta Trend

You already know about the gluten-free health food trend, but have you heard of the bean pasta trend? These alternative pastas are made with fiber-rich and protein-packed lentils, chickpeas, and other legumes. They are gluten-free and ideal for those who are allergic to wheat or who want to reduce their refined carbohydrate intake.

Water from Plants

Even if you don’t go vegan, there are several ways to incorporate more plants into your daily diet and reap all of their health benefits. Another one of the health food trends that we can really get into is the plant water trend. A few good examples include coconut water, maple water, cactus water, cucumber water, and artichoke water. These will hydrate you naturally, and they are an ideal alternative to sugary and artificial sports beverages. While you should still get plenty of pure water all day every day, you can opt for some watermelon water or coconut water for extra flavor and nutrition.

Jackfruit as a Meat Substitute

Hoping to cut out more meat from your diet? Then check out jackfruit, which can mimic the texture of shredded meats like pulled pork. The only drawback is that jackfruit isn’t as high in protein as other plant-based alternatives like seitan, tempeh, and tofu.

By following the right health trends and focusing on consuming foods that are high in nutrients, you can give your body exactly what it needs to thrive. And if you are hoping to lose weight, a low-fat diet combined with a weight management product like FenFast 375 will deliver great advantages.