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Winter Sports Calorie Burn Guide

winter sports calorie burn guideParticipating in a variety of winter sports and outdoor activities will help you maintain your fitness and continue losing weight even during the coldest months of the year.

This is fantastic, but which activities should you be focusing on? Check out the winter sports calorie burn guide below so you can make the most of every minute that you’re working out.

Calories Burned During Winter Sports Activities Include the Following.

Ice Skating

One of the most fun winter sports is ice skating. Going around an ice skating rink with your friends is sure to test the strength of your muscles, but it’s also a lot of fun, so you won’t even realize that you’re exercising. You can expect to burn roughly 425 calories during an hour of ice skating, so it’s easy to see that this is one of the best winter sports to try if you want to boost your calorie burning ability. Plus, this workout will test and build the strength of your thighs and calves, so by the time summer rolls around, you’ll be ready to show off your legs at the beach.


For those who want to take it easier than skiing, or for those who are afraid of skiing or never quite got good at it, snowshoeing is a fantastic way to head into the woods and take in the beautiful snow and scenery on a bright winter day. Beyond that, though, you might be surprised by how many calories you can burn. When it comes to winter sports calorie burn, snowshoeing is tough to beat, as you can burn around 544 calories per hour as you move through the snow. Expect to work your calves, thighs, and abs along the way, too.


Adventurous individuals will thoroughly enjoy the thrill of snowboarding, which is yet another one of the most popular and exhilarating winter sports. In terms of calories burned, you can expect to shed around 429 calories in an hour of this activity, which will help to burn excess fat as well. On top of that, you’ll be building muscle throughout your lower body and core.


Probably the most popular winter activity is skiing, which is a sport that will help you burn around 432 calories per hour. But on top of calorie burn, you can expect to test just about every muscle in your body as you work on maintaining good posture, as well as holding your balance and keeping good form.

Keep this winter sports calorie burn information handy as you figure out ways to get outside, have fun, and stay in shape this season.