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How to Stay Skinny After You Lose the Weight

How to Stay Skinny after weight lossYou deserve a round of applause if you have won your battle against your weight. Congratulations! Ok, hold it, that’s enough clapping. Time to hit the rubber again! Now, you need to learn how to stay skinny. Here are a few simple tips preventing you from playing the yoyo-weight game:

Check Weight and Adjust
We know checking your weight daily (after you have achieved your ideal weight) is effective in assisting you to stay fit. You can’t stop at just the daily check-in.

You must also adjust accordingly to learn how to stay skinny. Get a digital scale that can give you decimals so you can accurately observe changes in weight. Account for other variables in your life too. For instance, women tend to be a bit heavier during their pre-menstrual period. Discounting for external factors, if you record a weight gain due to normal daily activities, it’s time to adjust your diet, your exercise level, or both.

Fight Aging
As your body ages, your metabolism slows down and you lose muscle mass. Pick up those weights to stay skinny and fight aging too. Let us explain. Increasing your muscle mass will help boost your metabolism, which is the number of calories you burn while your body is at rest. A stronger metabolism will not only make you feel better about your body (as you will be better toned), but will also help you burn extra calories throughout the day and keep you skinny.

Check In
Lack of sleep has many detrimental effects on your body. Skipping out on an hour of sleep once in a while is not a major concern, but rather it is chronic sleep deprivation many adults in society endure due to their social responsibilities that troubles us. Skimping on a couple of hours of sleep daily will put you on the wrong side of the balance. A lack of sleep will make you feel tired and drowsy and you will try to make it up by drinking an extra cup of cappuccino or eating a little more for energy. These actions represent additional calories in your daily diet, calories you can ill-afford in your quest to stay skinny.

Sleep also regulates your body’s hormones, including two of which directly influence your appetite. Ghrelin production, a hormone which encourages food cravings, is decreased with proper sleep while leptin production, a hormone which allows you to feel satiated after a meal, is increased with proper sleep. So, check in to bed a couple hours early and reap the full benefits of restful sleep.

Once you have lost weight and need to stay trim, you can use these tips on how to stay skinny to keep the weight from roaring back.