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How to Lose Weight and Build Muscles

Lose How to Weight and Build Muscles

To lose weight and build muscles, it often requires a significant lifestyle transition. With many diet and fitness trends on the market, people believe they can get the physique and health they want in a matter of a week or so. However, it is a long, drawn-out process. To lose weight and build muscles, you need to be committed to a healthy lifestyle. If you are wondering how to improve your body, and start a healthy workout and diet, we have a few tips for you to try.

Eat a lot of protein

Eating enough protein can help you gain the strength and muscles you want in addition to becoming lean and having a healthy weight. To do this, you need to eat eggs, beans, and lean meats, like fish and chicken. This gives you the nutrition and protein your body needs to get your metabolism rolling and your new lifestyle kickstarted.

That being said, it’s also important to remember that other macronutrients – carbs and fats – are also a very important part of your diet.  Therefore, the purpose of eating more protein to lose weight and build muscles isn’t to eat as much as possible and cut out the other categories. Instead, you want to try to establish a healthy ratio among them. If you don’t know which ratio is appropriate for you, your medical history and health, your weight goals, and your activity level, be sure to speak to your doctor, a dietitian or a nutritionist.

Avoid processed, fatty foods

The number one way to lose weight and build muscles is to cut out frequent snacking on processed foods, including fatty fast food. When you do this, and eat healthy food instead, your body will become leaner and your muscle mass will start to grow as long as you maintain a committed fitness regimen as well.

Essentially, if the food comes in a package with a list of ingredients, you’ll likely want to cut back on it to lose weight and build muscles.  This includes most of the foods one the shelves in the middle aisles of your grocery store (whole foods are usually around the outer edges), as well as pre-made frozen meals and fast food.

Do plenty of cardio exercises

Doing cardio exercises gets your muscles working and your heart pumping. This allows you to start to gain muscle and cut down on your body mass. Planking exercises, weight training, and jogging help you to gain muscle and lose the weight you want in a matter of a few months.

Cardio is fantastic for helping you to lose weight and build muscles.  It is the type of workout that gets your heart pumping and burns through fat.  That said, just like protein is an important component of a complete diet including carbs and fats, cardio is a part of a complete workout strategy including strength training and flexibility and recovery exercises.  Cardio may make up the majority of your workouts, but not to the detriment of strength training and flexibility. These all work together to bring you the results you need.

Count your calories

Lastly, you need to remember to count your calories. Counting calories in everything you eat helps you to get enough energy without exceeding your target calorie intake. This may seem a bit frustrating or tedious; but when you count calories, you ensure the right number of calories for every meal and don’t have to guess at how much you’re actually eating.

Research shows that calorie counting is one of the most reliable ways to ensure that you learn about what your food contains, the impact it will have on your weight and will be able to drop the pounds and keep it from coming back.  Counting calories not only helps you to reduce the pounds but also helps you to get to know the types of foods your eating and how they will impact your body weight.  That way, even after you achieve your weight goal, you will be able to make smarter food choices to stop pounds from returning.

Don’t Try to Lose Weight and Build Muscles Too Fast

When your goal is to lose weight and build muscles, speed isn’t your friend.  Work gradually.  In this way, your efforts to burn fat won’t end up causing your body to burn muscle (yes, this happens).  Moreover, your efforts to build muscle mass won’t cause you to be injured by pushing yourself beyond your fitness level.

These sure-fire methods are the best ways to lose weight and build muscles. You will see a noticeable change within the first few weeks. And, so long as you continue to work at it, your results will be more and more apparent as time rolls on. Try these easy tips today to get the body you want.