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This is What to Eat for Weight Loss

What to Eat for Weight Loss ResultsIt’s time to sit down and decide what to eat for weight loss. You’ve chosen your calorie limit, carb restriction, workout routine or other fat busting strategy. However, until you know what to put on your plate, you’ll only hold yourself back.

After all, foods, carbs, fats and even calories are not all created equal. Choosing the right foods can cause your body to function in different ways. When your goal is a lower number on the bathroom scale, you need to think in terms of fat burning.

Here’s What to Eat for Weight Loss

The following are some of the best foods you can eat to get your weight under control.

• Whole eggs – That’s right, both the egg white and the yolk. Don’t be swayed by outdated advice saying eggs are bad for you because of cholesterol. Studies now show the cholesterol in an egg doesn’t adversely affect blood cholesterol levels. A healthy adult can eat an egg every day without increasing the risk of heart attack.

Equally, eggs are one of the best foods on your what to eat for weight loss list. They’re extremely high in nutrients. They contain a spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Eggs – particularly the yolks – are also high in protein and give you a feeling of lasting fullness.

• Dark leafy greens – If you’re trying to decide what to load onto your plate without guilt, look to kale, spinach and other dark leafy greens. Even swiss chard, rappini, collards and others will give you a tremendous boost in fiber and nutrients. They do this without spiking your carbohydrates or calories.

If you often suffer from hunger pangs, feel free to eat as many of these as you want. You’ll feel great, full and will do your weight a big favor.

• Oily fish – When you’re wondering what to eat for weight loss it can seem counterintuitive to think of an oily food. However, the truth is that salmon, sardines, anchovies and trout are great for your waistline.

They’re very satisfying to eat. That said, they’re also packed with protein, healthy fats (including omega 3s), vitamins and minerals. It’s a wonderful combination for weight management.

Focusing on Balance

Remember that the key is to eat a variety of foods to achieve a nutrition balance. It’s all well and good to make great food choices, but no single food is enough. Variety is the spice of life and it also has a great impact on weight loss. Try to mix things up to make sure you’re supporting your health as well as your weight.