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10 Tips to Lose the Muffin Top (Some are Instant!)

Tips to Lose the Muffin TopReady to lose the muffin top? Good news! There are lots of things you can do to smooth your shape. In fact, some of them can give you instant results! Others can help you to slim down over time.

That way, you can lose the muffin top look today, and improve your body for months and years to come. Not a bad deal, right? Here are some tips to help you get the shape you want.

10 Effective Tips to Lose the Muffin Top

Lose the Muffin Top Instantly

1. Lose the low rise.

if you’re wearing low rise pants, you’re working against yourself Even mid-rise can ruin the shape of your midsection. Go for higher waisted pants, instead. Choose a level that is comfortable but that is higher than the area that would roll over the top of your waist.

2. Wear loose fitting underwear.

You can immediately lose the muffin top by simply wearing looser underwear. It’s better for your health, your comfort and it stops giving you unnecessary rolls!

3. Invest in a well-fitting compression top

High quality compression clothing that fits well can smooth out your middle right away. This gives you a much slimmer and sleeker silhouette right away

Lose the Muffin Top from Bloat

4. Drink water

If you’re bloated, you can have an unnecessary roll over the top of your clothing. Shrink down from the bloat by drinking lots of water. Believe it or not, one of the most important steps toward being water retention so you can lose the muffin top is hydration. As soon as your body is hydrated, it will stop retaining the fluids.

5. Cut down on salt

Too much sodium can cause your body to retain water and bloat up. Reduce your size, improve your health and lose the muffin top by paying attention to your sodium intake.

6. Cut back on gassy foods

If you’re bloated, the last thing you want is to swell up with more air. Get to know the foods that are most likely to cause you to swell. These often include beans and excessive fiber as well as carbonated beverages. Stop drinking with a straw, too, as that can send more air into your digestive tract.

Lose the Muffin Top Through Weight Loss

7. Track your nutrition

Use a nutrition tracker to get to know how many calories you’re eating in a day. Pay attention to your balance of carbs to proteins to fats, too. Make adjustments to your diet as needed to help yourself to shed any excess pounds.

8. Get up and move

Adopting a more active lifestyle will help you to burn through more calories every day. In this way, you can burn through the extra fat around your middle, too. Buy FENFAST 375 to give you an energy boost during fat burning workouts!

9. Get toned

Just because you’re the right weight, it doesn’t mean your middle isn’t soft. Pay attention to your core muscles. Do yoga and/or Pilates. Go swimming. These activities will help to tone your core muscles, including your abdominals.

10. Focus on sleep

The better you sleep on a regular basis, the easier it is to keep up a healthy lifestyle. This can naturally help you to lose the muffin top for good.