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8 Ways to Eradicate Weight Loss Frustration

How to Stop Weight Loss FrustrationWeight loss frustration is among the biggest barriers you can face to your success. The reason is that it can cut into your motivation. Motivation is at the very heart of your ability to succeed. After all, if you don’t have the drive to keep trying, you won’t.

That said, there isn’t one single way to beat your weight loss frustration. Instead, you need to look at the cause of your struggles. That way, you can cope with them based on the specifics.

Consider the Following Ways to Beat Your Weight Loss Frustration

1. Be Okay with Slow Results

When you feel like you’re working your butt off but that’s not what you’re seeing in the mirror, it’s disheartening! You’ve been sticking to your diet. You exercise every day. Why are your results so slow? This is easily a top weight loss frustration. Make sure your expectations are where they should be. A healthy rate of weight loss is one to two pounds per week. Aside from that, remember that if you are doing great, you might be gaining muscle as you lose fat, which could distort you results on the scale for a few weeks at a time.

2. Stop Obsessing Over “problem” Spots

It’s human nature to focus on the parts of ourselves that we like the least. That said, there’s a difference between setting an improvement goal and obsessing over that spot. Remember that your true goal is to love your body. Think of it as a work in progress out of the respect you have for yourself.

3. Banish Boredom

A surprising weight loss frustration comes in the form of boredom. This is most common when you do the same exercises every day and eat the same foods. It’s particularly true when those exercises and foods weren’t interesting to you in the first place. Keep shaking things up. Focus on adding activities and foods you love. Make your healthy lifestyle worth living!

4. Stop Depriving Yourself

If you’ve been following a diet that causes you to feel deprived, then weight loss frustration is nearly guaranteed! Furthermore, it’s far more likely to fail! Stop missing your favorite foods. Either integrate new and healthier versions or give yourself that occasional treat. Don’t overdo it and don’t indulge too frequently. As long as that’s the case, a donut or a candy bar now and then won’t hurt anything.

5. Practice Patience During Plateaus

Week after week, you step on the scale and the number hasn’t moved. The dreaded plateau has arrived. This is among the ultimate forms of weight loss frustration. This is a natural part of dieting. Remember that it’s most likely the result of a change in your body composition and not that your fat loss has stopped. Still, to be sure, amp up your exercises a bit, drink lots of water and be extra careful with what you eat!

6. Compensate for Cost

Weight loss can be expensive. When you first get started, you buy a scale, a water bottle, a new pair of sneakers and a yoga mat. You might even buy a few bottles of diet pills. Then, when you’re successful, you need a whole new wardrobe every ten pounds or so! This weight loss frustration is often very unexpected. To compensate, put aside any money that you would normally spend on unhealthy treats and put that into your weight loss expense allowance. You’ll be surprised how fast the funds add up!

7. Give Comments the Cold Shoulder

Your friends and family may mean well, but when they always offer you tips or tell you that you don’t need to lose weight, it can make you want to scream in a pillow.

8. Speak with Saboteurs

That person at work who always insists that you try his or her homemade baked treats has no idea of the weight loss frustration being caused.