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How to Avoid the Dangerous Banned Diet Pill Ingredients Found in Dubious Products

Avoid Banned Diet Pill IngredientsA recent study published in the Clinical Toxicology journal found that many weight loss and energy supplements sold in the United States contain banned diet pill ingredients. This is a frustrating and frightening thought for consumers who rely on these types of products to help them get the best results from their efforts.

The majority of weight management pills are, of course, perfectly safe, but it is still very important to know how to avoid those containing banned diet pill ingredients in order to stay safe and healthy.

What the Banned Diet Pill Ingredients Research Found

The researchers found that many products were not accurately labeled and either contained banned diet pill ingredients or contained unsafe levels of substances that are allowed. The main focus of the study was on the presence of higenamine, a banned form of stimulant. The study determined that the presence or levels of that substance were inaccurate on product labels.

Higenamine is one of the substances listed on the World’s Anti-Doping Agency’s prohibited substances for athletes. That said, it is legal to be included in supplements in the United States, Canada and Europe. Since the banned diet pill ingredients are legal for sale, but not for use among athletes, it is important for labeling to be accurate. Unfortunately, that is often not the case, found the study.

How to Stay Safe from Banned Diet Pill Ingredients

Whether you’re looking to avoid banned diet pill ingredients because you want to compete athletically or you want to avoid substances that could cause you harm, it’s a good idea to know what you’re doing. This industry is filled with fantastic formulas, but is peppered with dubious ones.

Use the following steps to help make sure you choose only products that will not contain banned diet pill ingredients:

• Make sure you trust the company behind the product. Their choices affect what’s in the formula and whether that is accurately represented on the package.
• Know what ingredients are and are not legal. Check into each ingredient on a product’s label. It may seem tedious, especially if an ingredients list is long, but you only need to do it once and it can help save you from using something that could place your health in danger.
• Avoid any products that brag about their use of banned ingredients! Yes, they’re out there. You’ll still find products containing ephedra, which has been banned for over twenty years. Stay away from any product that uses marketing that seems to think these substances are somehow a good idea.