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Why Your Favorite Celebrity Diet May Not Work For You

Celebrity Diet ResultsDeep down, we all know that a celebrity diet is likely not the best choice for our healthy weight loss needs. After all, just because someone has a great singing voice, is on a hit TV show or blockbuster movie, or has a popular Instagram account, it doesn’t mean that they’re experts in your life and body weight.

Still, it’s easy to want to try the latest celebrity diet. After all, our favorite celebrities often look great. They seem to lose the pounds easily, and they make the current fashions look incredible. Don’t we all want a bit of that feeling?

Why Your Celebrity Diet is Failing You

Unfortunately, a celebrity diet is rarely the best choice for your weight loss. If you have tried one, you may have lost a few pounds – you may not have – but the odds are that when all was said and done, it was uncomfortable and you weighed the same (or even more!) than you did when you first started.

Why is this? How is it that what looks like a great celebrity diet is just yet another let down? There are actually many different reasons that these are not usually the best option for your healthy dieting and fitness guidance. Consider the following reasons why their approach may not be the best one for you.

Your Metabolism and Theirs are Not the Same

A resting metabolic rate is a person’s individual calorie burning while completely sedentary. It’s how much energy you burn simply to stay alive. It’s what your body needs to keep breathing, digesting, keeping up your temperature, pumping your blood, etc. Everyone has his or her own rate. This means that yours is not the same as the one for which the celebrity diet was designed. In fact, it may not even be remotely the same. As a result, a dieting strategy made for that person simply won’t work the same way for you.

It’s Too Extreme for the Long-Term

The concept of the celebrity diet is synonymous with unnecessary and tough restrictions. Not only do these not work as well as promised, but they’re also too intense for you to be able to keep up over the long term. If you’re not using a strategy you’ll be able to maintain as a lifestyle, then you can be sure that any pounds you do happen to lose will only come back; and they might bring friends!

It’s far better to work with your doctor or with a more personalized weight loss plan than to look to a celebrity diet to lose the weight if you never want to see it again.