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Overcoming Serious Food Cravings

eliminate food cravingsWhether you are dieting or not, you can be subject to serious food cravings. There are reasons why this happens that are both physiological and psychological. The physiological part of it is really quite simple. Normally we crave carbs and sugar. These cravings come from just simply eating them and when you want to overcome them, you simply stop eating them and your body will not want them any longer. However, this is not as simple a feat as we would make it sound.

In order to overcome serious food cravings you would have to do this in a very organized manner. The first thing you have to understand is that food cravings are an addiction both physiologically and physically as they become serious food cravings. Your body becomes addicted to things like carbs and sugar especially. This is because sugar will rule your mood and give you a high and so will carbs as well as give you energy.

When you are dieting especially, you are bound to have more serious food cravings. This is because the body will get used to essentially waiting for that food to be consumed and stay in an imbalance until it is.

Psychologically there is comfort eating which are emotional food cravings. When you need to feel better you will crave sugary carbs. It’s not just in the movies that you have a person who has just been dumped that is sitting on a couch consuming large quantities of Haagen Dazs Rocky Road. It is real and it really can be very serious. It can, in some cases become such a serious issue that you can pack on some pounds. If you aren’t a sugar baby when you are hurting–then you may binge eat and it is normally junk food because of the heavy carb load. Nowadays it is more than that–it is the chemicals they put in the food–like preservatives that are giving us the more serious food cravings.

How to overcome serious food cravings:

Speak to your physician or dietitian/nutritionist and let them know you are having incredible trouble stopping the serious food cravings. In the mean time get with a friend for support and clear out the pantry of any and all junk food and sugar. Now, the secret here is to trick the brain with substitutes like fresh fruit and natural sugar. This way within a few short weeks–we know it sounds like forever but those serious food cravings will be gone.