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Use these 3 Steps to Kick Start Weight Loss in 2019

Ready to kick start weight loss for 2019? Regardless of whether you held it together through the holiday season or overindulged the whole time, the New Year offers a fresh start. This is your opportunity to tell yourself that you’re worth the effort to get healthy this year. You can look and feel great and reduce your risk of health problems at the same time.

That said, your next step is to know how to begin. While you fine tune your weight management strategy for 2019, there are still several things you can do to kick start weight loss. Use the following list to make sure you get to where you want to be this year and make it the best one yet.

Kick Start Weight Loss with a Fitness Tracker

These little gadgets aren’t just novelties. They provide a lot of value. They can not only help you to kick start weight loss but also stay on top of it. A growing body of research suggests that when people wear their Fitbit, Apple Watch, Samsung Gear, Garmin and other fitness and health trackers, they are more likely to hold themselves accountable for their actions. Healthy weight management requires awareness and these devices play a helpful role in that. Let yours remind you to move, sleep well, and eat right.

Kick Start Weight Loss by Drinking Water

You’ve already heard the recommendation to drink water a million times. Now, it’s time to take it seriously. Hydrate, starting at the beginning of the day. Sip water throughout the day, especially before meals. It will help you to feel more energized, you’ll need to eat less, you’ll sleep better, your skin will be healthier and you’ll kick start weight loss and keep your metabolism humming.

Kick Start Weight Loss with Carbohydrate and Sugar Control

Regardless of the type of eating strategy you plan to use, you can kick start weight loss by paying attention to carbs and sugars. Even if you don’t want to use a low-carb or low-sugar diet, consider cutting back on those types of foods after noon. Fiber filled foods and complex carbohydrates are great for the second half of your day. However, keep any simple carbs under control and eat them earlier in the day to help maintain a better blood sugar and insulin level. It will help to improve your mood, motivation, energy and even food cravings.

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