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Everything You Need to Know About the Nordic Diet

Everything About the Nordic DietThe Nordic Diet is one of the newer geographically themed eating strategies on the scene. It promises that by eating foods commonly consumed in Nordic countries, followers will experience better health. These countries include Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland and Denmark.

What is the Nordic Diet?

Instead of promising massive weight loss, as is the case with many fad diets, this is essentially a type of healthy eating plan. It doesn’t make any recommendations for extreme food ingredients, combinations or reductions. It also doesn’t replace any meals with shakes, bars or nothing at all.

Furthermore, the Nordic Diet doesn’t necessarily promise fast results. Instead, it recommends that approximately 80 percent of the foods eaten be ingredients that can be growth in Nordic countries. Ideally, organic versions of those foods should be chosen. Those foods should be prepared at low-temperatures such as boiling and oven baking.

Is There Nordic Diet Research?

In 2012, the Food and Nutrition Research journal published a study that showed that a healthy Nordic Diet strategy can contribute to wellness. Those diets looked at for the research consisted of root veggies, oats, barley and other whole grains, low-fat dairy, fatty fish, berries, rapeseed oil, legumes and nuts.

While this is not a weight loss diet, the Nordic Diet can result in dropped pounds as a part of its health benefits. When followed properly, the individual’s weight can start to balance itself out.

Other Nordic Diet Benefits

Science has also shown that the Nordic Diet can have a positive impact on cholesterol levels. One study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine in 2013 showed that this type of eating strategy can lower bad cholesterol levels.

Some research has also suggested that eating the Nordic Diet can help to improve high blood pressure. The diet is also seen as being quite anti-inflammatory. Inflammation is a key component behind many health ailments from swelling to pain, among many others. Keeping inflammation down through a healthy lifestyle can lower the risk of many conditions and can help to control symptoms among illnesses an individual may already have.

Though followers do need to watch what they eat and focus on Nordic foods, there isn’t any need for counting calories or macronutrients. Moreover, most people who follow this diet don’t suffer from hunger struggles. Keeping hunger controlled may also contribute to weight management.