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Squeeze in More Workouts with These Tips

How to Squeeze in More WorkoutsIt’s hard to find the time to complete the number of workouts that need to be done in a day to make sure we have fit, healthy bodies and that we lose weight at a decent rate, too. After all, it’s not as though most of us are swimming in extra time.

Furthermore, at the end of the night when we do have a bit of time to ourselves, we’re too tired to do anything physical. Fortunately, it is possible to squeeze some exercise into even the tightest schedule.

The key is in understanding that every little bit counts. So even if you can’t spend an hour at the gym, you might be able to fit two or three fifteen minute workouts into your day. Keep in mind that being able to exercise isn’t an all-or-nothing event in a day. If you’re strategic and sneaky, you can fit some extra exercise in at several points and still give your body some important benefits.

As long as your workout is at least 10 minutes long, it will count for something. Ideally, you should have a total of at least 30 minutes per day, but that can mean that you have three short workouts instead of one big one, if that’s what works for you. Tiny workouts are particularly effective if you focus on high intensity exercises during those times. If you have time to do 10 minute sessions, then focus on getting your heart pumping throughout that time. Get the very most out of every minute you have.

Another interesting way to make use of your time to burn off a bit of energy is to allow yourself to be fidgety. Just because you’re sitting at a desk it doesn’t mean that you need to sit still the whole time. Bounce your knee, play with your pen, tap your toes or move in some other way. Research suggests that people who fidget burn up to ten times more calories while sitting than people who remain essentially still.

Use your TV time. If you’re sitting watching TV, take that time to exercise, too. As you watch the show, use free weights or do some floor work like push-ups or squats. Then, during commercial breaks (when you’re not watching anyway), use the time to put in some intense cardio. Sprint on the spot, do jumping jacks or find another way to really push yourself to get your heart rate going.

Suddenly that half hour sitcom can become a fantastic workout that can make a real difference in your ability to manage your weight.

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